Saturday, July 25, 2009


The more I read as I flip through resource material the more my heart goes out to this often misunderstood animal. This began to show at the easel yesterday. Painting definately does not happen from the elbow down when dealing with the wolf. this animal represents a life form and that has stood the test of time at the whim of humans who have worshiped them and needlessly slaughtered them and that is still going on today.
"If we could live like wolves,
we would never hate our brothers
and sisters just for being of different colors.
We would live together in harmony,
knowing that the well-being of the others
would be the basis of our own well-being.
We wold care for each other
no matter whether young or old or healthy or sick.
We would look after nature
because we would understand
that we need Her to survive.
and we would kill for one reason only-for food.
What a perfect place earth could be,
if only we could be like wolves."
edited by amber rose

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The other studio project has been to develop an animal series that I can sell on line. This category of painting has always been there to play with as additional entertainment in the studio and i am beginning to accumulate a nice selection of finished work.
Hopefully, I can have a website of just animal paintings and drawings up and running by the end of this sumer.

When painting a specific animal I spend time reading about it and then find as many images as possible to simply observe closely. After getting acquainted there is the fun project of painting what I studied.The wolf is a complicated creature. Intelligent and resourceful. This painted has just begun to look for that.
"There is no question that the wolf is hampered by the worst press in all the animal kingdom."_Robt H. Busch

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today was one of those times when you walk into the studio and the composition has already been activated in your mind. Maybe it happened when counting out corn at a fresh veg. stand or walking the dog. The important thing is that it feels like a gift of the gods. so many times the painter strives for days to click into the "right" lines, or find that you are too tight to make quality marks that day.
I haven't worked in combinations of figures in a long time. If this still looks promising tomorrow, i'll dive in and begin painting .

Monday, July 13, 2009


     After selecting the images from the sketches in the slide show below, I begin diving into the project of a painting. This will be a 4' x 4' composition. 
     When preparing a background , my preference is to create a setting that is not narrative and rather abstract. I want it to have an energy and direction that can hold up to that of the moving figure.
     This process is ongoing even as the figure(s) are worked onto the canvas.


Thursday, July 9, 2009


There is nothing like a dear friend and fellow artist to pull you back on track.

Choreographer James Canfield is rehearsing in town with Sarah Slipper's NorthWest Dance Project.

It feels like old home week. James invited me into his rehearsals nine years ago and I haven't stopped drawing movement since.
After leaving Oregon Ballet Theatre, James is now Artistic Director of the Nevada Ballet.
His dynamic floor work provides wonderful notes that have me racing into the paint studio again.

The slide show attached is a selection of notes sketched over the last few weeks.