Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adventuring into the blog world as an artist


After  a month of acquainting myself with the blog activity of other artists I am ready to begin posting small studies from quick sketches at dance rehearsals I have attended this year.  

The original gestures are being translated to 9 by 12 inch bristol paper using an apple twig and black ink on thin acrylic paint.  This application allows for the irregular lines that help accentuate the figures movement and by freeing up the anatomy of the figure.  

These gestures will appear frequently on this blog.  After a month or so of practice, I plan to post such works for sale at an affordable price and hopefully  eventually move into posting paintings as well.  Any input, questions, and especially conversations are welcome.  

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Annie Salness said...

I'm excited to see the drawings you will be posting! I love irregular and varying line, but have only used a dip pen or brush to achieve them, so I am very curious about the apple twig. Your work is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more.