Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Brush and ink have given me sweet sessions of peace this week. I must remember to keep these supplies out and ready at all times.

"If doing artwork is too relaxing, you may need something to make you tense. Try swimming."
     K. Tanahashi


Aliaena said...

Hi Mona, I've come upon your work via Annie Sellness's blog and I find your figure work absolutely exquisite. We both have the same passion for the human figure - preferably in motion - although your work is much more acomplished than mine. I found your web site totally inspiring and especially liked the video - which I immediately played over twice! I wish you much joy and fulfillment along your path, and much continued success. Greetings from Paris, Aliaena

monajonescordell said...

How inspiring it is to exchange messages with a fellow artist that i have not met. thank you for the response. please keep me posted on you work and we can enjoy a like interest over time. mona