Saturday, July 25, 2009


The more I read as I flip through resource material the more my heart goes out to this often misunderstood animal. This began to show at the easel yesterday. Painting definately does not happen from the elbow down when dealing with the wolf. this animal represents a life form and that has stood the test of time at the whim of humans who have worshiped them and needlessly slaughtered them and that is still going on today.
"If we could live like wolves,
we would never hate our brothers
and sisters just for being of different colors.
We would live together in harmony,
knowing that the well-being of the others
would be the basis of our own well-being.
We wold care for each other
no matter whether young or old or healthy or sick.
We would look after nature
because we would understand
that we need Her to survive.
and we would kill for one reason only-for food.
What a perfect place earth could be,
if only we could be like wolves."
edited by amber rose


Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Hi Mona,

I found your site through fcp.
What wonderful dynamic gesture drawings. I love the fresh brush work of the wolf paintings

Karl S said...

Live like the wolves you say and yet the wolf is a wild animal not bound by religion ! Interesting eh