Monday, July 13, 2009


     After selecting the images from the sketches in the slide show below, I begin diving into the project of a painting. This will be a 4' x 4' composition. 
     When preparing a background , my preference is to create a setting that is not narrative and rather abstract. I want it to have an energy and direction that can hold up to that of the moving figure.
     This process is ongoing even as the figure(s) are worked onto the canvas.



Aliaena said...

Hi Mona!
So pleased to see you posting this work in progress on your blog! Can't wait to see more. All the best from France, Aliaena

monajonescordell said...

So after over a year i have found my way back into the studio and my website. all this to say that i appreciate you comment of july o9! thank you for your encouragement Alianena.