Monday, July 20, 2009


Today was one of those times when you walk into the studio and the composition has already been activated in your mind. Maybe it happened when counting out corn at a fresh veg. stand or walking the dog. The important thing is that it feels like a gift of the gods. so many times the painter strives for days to click into the "right" lines, or find that you are too tight to make quality marks that day.
I haven't worked in combinations of figures in a long time. If this still looks promising tomorrow, i'll dive in and begin painting .


Annie Salness said...

I love the slash of yellow towards the center and that the gesture of the figure goes along that line. I noticed that you painted the yellow line first. Did you have the image in mind or was the line random and the image followed?

monajonescordell said...

thanks for that observation annie. the line was first and the figure drawing had been set out as a potential image that i wanted to use.